Weather vs the Real Estate Community – The Ultimate Challenge Over Adversity

Well there can be no doubt that the real estate community has taken a pounding from the turn of events surrounding the bubble burst of the subprime lending fallout. The economics of reality is a monumental barrier to over come. Luckily, most real estate agents, consultants and professionals are tough as nails and they are facing these challenges head on. (Apply directly to the forehead).

But, the economics of real estate, as serious as they are currently is not the only obstacle to over come, indeed, the Weather can also play havoc on the real estate community. 2008 has so far been a pretty-tough winter, no not the worst, but hard enough. The weather issues in summer were not easy either, with lack of rain causing droughts in many regions – it makes selling homes, just that much tougher. After all, who wants to buy a home with a dead lawn and dying landscaping.

Now, in Winter it is like a double whammy, glad to have the snow and rain, but, it would be much better if it were spread out a bit. Trying to show homes when it is 2 degrees above zero isn’t easy and if you get stuck out there in the snow, it could prove fatal. An unexpected freeze in a normally warm region can cause havoc for homes, pipes and landscaping. All this just makes a real estate person’s job that much harder, at a time when it sure would be nice to get a break from all these challenges. Something to contemplate in 2008.